North Middle Area Gas Exploitation Project
Main Contractor:PJSC Stroytransgas - Russia
Completion Date:Under Construction
The project involves the tie-in of five non-associated gas fields in the area to a new Gas Treatment Plant.
The exploitation project will involve the construction of flow lines that shall connect the wells to the nominated Gas Gathering and Metering Stations (GGMS), then to the Gas Gathering & Separation Stations (GGSS) and finally to the Gas Treatment Plants (GTP).
The proposed gathering system is located in a desert area with some gentle variations in the terrain (near Twinan village). The gathering systems will deliver the raw gas to the plant for processing.
The Plant will have three inlet separators- one for the sour gas from Sour GGMS and two separators for the sweet gas.
The Plant will have a stabilizer system to handle the sour condensate from the sour inlet separator. The stabilizer will produce a condensate suitable for the oil pipeline in the area. The overhead gas will be recompressed and sent with the sour gas to the amine system.
The Plant will have an amine system to remove the H2S and a portion of the CO2 from the sour gas.
The sweet gas from the amine system will be combined with the sweet inlet gas and processed in a refrigeration system to recover hydrocarbon liquids. The gas will be cooled to about -20ºC. Hydrate suppression will be by dehydration system.
The hydrocarbon liquids will be fractionated into LPG product and condensate. The overhead gas from the deethanizer will be compressed and mixed with the sales gas. The fractionation system will also have a tower to produce propane for the refrigeration on a intermittent basis.
Fiscal metering will be provided for the sales gas, and the LPG and condensate products.
Two product pipelines will be constructed. A sales gas pipeline will go from the plant to existing Aleppo pipeline. A condensate pipeline will be build from the plant to connect to an oil pipeline in the vicinity of the plant.