Palmyra Gas Project-Gas Compressor Unit
Client:Syrian Petroleum Company - Gas Department
Main Contractor:Tyazhpromexport – Russia
Completion Date:2004
The project is consisting of three gas-gathering stations; each to combine gas from several wells.
The work includes engineering, procurement, delivery of equipment, materials, installation, construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up, training of SPC staff, documentation and guarantee/warranty of the gas compressor units as follows:
-          3 x 660 MSCMD dry gas for Arak field.
-          2 x 350 MSCMD dry gas for El-Hail field.
-          2 x 350 MSCMD dry gas for Doubayat field.
Supply all labor materials in the quantities necessary for the design, fabrication, surface preparation, painting testing and inspection of seven reciprocation compressor packages. Each package shall include the following main components:
-          Reciprocation compressor with suction and discharge pulsation dampeners.
-          Gas engine
-          Compressor inlet scrubber
-          Compressor Inter- stage gas cooler
-          Compressor Inter- stage scrubber
-          Compressor after cooler
-          Compressor auxiliary (jacket, lube oil) coolers.
-          Engine auxiliary (Jacket water, lube oil, turbocharger)
-          Engine air intake filter.
-          Control panel.
-          Skid, completed in heated building.
Complete with their auxiliaries and accessories
The following works have been performed in the Arak, El-Hail and Doubayat gas gathering stations:
-          Installation the supplied equipment and skids to the designated foundation and construct the required foundations completely leveled, grouted and connect the skids/packages piping to the existing gas gathering station.
-          Site preparation and grading, survey and soil report.
-          Site fencing.
-          Construction of concrete pad for GCU skids.
-          Construction of pipe sleepers/pipe supports
-          Construction of hangars for GCUs equipped with all utilities, service features (air, water, electricity, etc….) and bridge crane designed for not less than 5 tons.
-          Install instruments, loose items and piping systems as indicated on the drawings.
-          Install control panels and to calibrate all instruments.
-          Install PLC system and interface to the existing GGSs PLC/ SCADA systems.
-          Connecting the newly constructed facilities/ systems with the existing systems.
-          Testing and documentation of the complete facilities/ systems.
-          Painting.
-          Site cleanup.
Pre commissioning: for 7 skids (engine & compressor) in three location and instruments and equipment.
Commissioning and startup.
HESCO scope of work:
Engineering, Procurement, Construction (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Instruments, Control, SCADA and Cathodic Protection), Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, Startup and Acceptance test for all project components.